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Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 90

After a couple of days, the fight was ready to commence and the two opponents were ready for battle. 

   "Feng xingying rest assured, I won't want your life." Le yeqing claimed with a dark smile on his face.

   “Just, the poison I plan to scatter, there is still no cure for it in this world, unless..." Le yeqing couldn't help but lick his lips. 

   Such a shameless thing.  

   Feng Xingying didn't look at him. She ignored his existence and said to the crowd.

   "I am an expert in the art of poisons. However, there are many poisons in which there is no solution to in this world. This makes the process of fighting with poisonous herbs extremely dangerous. I just want to warn all in advance. If he is unfortunately killed, I hope that people in Shendan Valley will not blame me. 

   If that is not allowed lets not battle." Feng Xingying's replied. Tone dull and bored as if she was not talking about someone's life but what she ate yesterday. 

   Obviously it is a matter of dying at any time. From her mouth, how is it like a daily occurrence?   

   Bai Liyu couldn't help but squint and look at Feng Xingying. She really is a disciple of the master Yu Ying. This kind of temperament is really alike, in comparison his grandson Le Yeqing really had a long way to go.  

   Without waiting for Bai LiYu to talk, Le Yeqing had already been hook line and sinker by Feng Xingying’s provoking. 

   How can this woman despise him so much? ! 

   In Shendan Valley, he is a genius brother admired by everyone. Among his peers, who dares to challenge his prestige. Anyone who had has been crushed by his absolute strength. 

   I did not expect this Feng Xingying, actually completely ignored his existence! It’s this little girl who is ignorant and fearless. 

   Le Yeqing is completely irritated and frustrated by Feng Xing ying.

   "If I am poisoned by you, I can only blame myself for not being able to honor my master's teachings. We have high requirements in using poisons in Shendan Valley, and plenty of materials to experiment. Each pupil that trains in our valley is in expert at poisons.   

   If it is you can't solve my poison, It's better not to blame me Le Yeqing for not knowing how treasure good jade! I gave you a chance already.” 

   Feng Xingying still doesn’t pick up the words, doesn’t look at him, just looks at Bai li Yu. 

   She completely disregards the talking idiot. 

   Because in the eyes of Feng Xing, Le Yeqing is already dead. 

   She doesn't need to care about what the dead think, nor can she take the words of the dead as fact or opinion. 

   Only living people. 

   Bai Li Yu nods his head and replies "What Le YeQing said is true. Our Valley is considered specialised in the field of fights against poison. Little girl don't be too arrogant and unrestrained. 

   For if you lose, no one can save you, I am afraid..." 

   Bai Li Yu shook his head helplessly. 

   When he thought about such a talented girl, about to be squandered by Le Yeqing. The old man’s heart could not help but quiver. Although he couldn’t help her much but persuading her to give up may still save her life. 

   At this time, the crowd suddenly fell silent. 

   A beautiful black shadow fell from the sky, falling right in front of their fighting platform, standing in the most prominent position in the crowd. 

   His gaze only locked on Feng Xing ying. 

   "The cold king is here!" 

   "It seems that he is serious about this vase. No, he is serious about Feng xingying." 

   "Is he afraid that his hat is not green enough?" 

   "Feng Xingying was telling the truth. No wonder she can be so bold. There is a cold king who supports her from behind. She is clearly hiding behind the cold king to play with others.”

   “Hey, she is a girl, is she not afraid that the poison would ruin her appearance?"

   Listening to the noise from the surrounding, Qin Molin's face got a lot colder and colder. 

   And Feng Xingying obviously did not care about the stupid remarks of the onlookers.

Le yeqing sneaked a mouthful of mouthwash, Mei Mei was also in her early twenties and had a smoking hot body. 

   when she moved her chest jiggled making them even more magnificent. Looking into them makes one feel like infinity. He was sure the taste would be much more than the porridge dish of Gu Dandan. 

   He really wanted to bury in to it and taste them... 

Le yeqing felt almost out of control, and the nosebleeds were soon coming out. 

   For this kind of insulting gaze, Mei Mei has long been accustomed to. Being a manager of Jubao, there were plenty of these men that had other motives then shopping when visiting her shop. 

   Just like le yeqing, he was just one of the many.

   Mei’s smile is more beautiful, but her heart is like a blooming mandala, full of danger. 

   Dare to hit on her, a little Valley's kid, thinks he's worthy? 

Who does he think he is? Even if she could not teach him a lesson. She must teach him to respect woman. 


   fighting poison. 

   Under the propaganda and advertising of Mei Mei and Jei, it was instantly a big hit. 

   The location of the is in front of Jubao Pavilion. 

   The identity of both sides of the fight has also been passed down. 

   one is the handsome and disciple of God Dan Valley’s Le Quying. 

   The other Feng Xingying, the fragile vase that is not so fragile that everyone is familiar with! As long as it is related to her, there is always some excitement. 

   Another identity of Feng Xingying, after her acquiescence, was passed down by Mei Mei, the only disciple of the mysterious alchemy master Yu Ying. 

   I am my own disciple? 

   Feng Xingying did not laugh. 

   fair enough.

   At least some people can be jealous when facing her, she does not want to rely on Qin Molin's aura for a lifetime. 

   unknown to her, however, the fascinating story of Feng Xingying is already being added to the history of the jia. From how she was complete trash to somehow charming Qin Molin to challenging the Prince and now a disciple of Yu Ying.

(You mean records into the legends on earth by snowball herself. Your adventures will forever be remembered Feng Xingying 😜😂. ) - snowbell

   Legend has it that this master Yu Ying has the power of God. 

   No matter what kind of waste you are, she can turn you into a genius, see Xiao Wang Ye Nangong Zhuo. A waste that could not cultivate. Now with Yu Ying's help, he's gone beyond our beliefs.

   Now, there is another best case scenario - Feng Xingying. 

   It turned out that Feng Xingying took a lucky turn, and was accepted as a disciple by the master of Yu Ying. No wonder she actually awakened her spirits, and also crushed all the genius of jia, and lighted up the Tongtianzhu! 

   The original source is in the master of Yu Ying, no wonder the elders of Shen Dan Valley must worship her as a teacher. 

   Ever since then, for a whole year, the popularity of "finding the master Yu Ying" has become popular. Citizens of all sorts searched for this mysterious teacher for help. 

   Currently, back to the present. The disciples of Master Yu Ying versus the disciples of Shen Dan Gu Gu. 

   Who is better? 

   It is worth looking forward to. 

   The cruel rules of the fight have also been widely advertised. 

   Fighting poison with poison. With these masters, fighting is both based on healing and killing. 

   There is only one target for this fight, that is life! Their own lives. 

   During the fight against poisons and herbs, both parties will be distanced by the referee and no use of any spiritual power will be allowed. 

   They can only use their own poisons and various antidote to deal with their opponents.

   The results of this fight will end with either one's death or when one admits defeat. 

   However, a lot of poisons have no antidote at all, and even if one party concedes defeat, it may still end with the loss of one's life. 

   This seemingly elegant style of fighting is actually more cruel and bloody than the life and death in the fighting field.

   It’s a pity that the beauty will be no more after death. 

   How could she fight the rumoured disciple of Shen Dan Gu? 

   Even if  Master Yu Ying is a god healer, how many days can Feng Xingying have trained? How much could she have learned? 

   Compared with Le yeqing, Feng Xingying is obviously at a disadvantage.


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