Friday, January 11, 2019

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 86

"Grandmother's injury, I, Feng Xingying will ask the doctor to treat it. I will not bother you." Feng Xingying replied coldly.

   "Ha ha ha." The girl in the pink dress around Li yeqing, who was called Gu Dandan, couldn't help but laugh out loud.

   "I can detoxify it with a few doctors in your Jia country. You don't naively think that your grandmother is really ill.

   She is as fragile as a vase and a straw bag. I saw it myself.

   Hey, except for a face, there is really no strength. Brother, let's go. When she finds out that the old lady can not be saved, she will strip herself bare and climb into your bed willingly begging for you to take her."

   Gu Dandan said it extremely explicitly, but Feng Xingying did not respond, but looked at them coldly.

   The dog that barks but not bite.

   Just a few stray dogs in front of you, just kill them later.

   When Gu Dandan said it, she went into the arm of Le Ye Qing, and then tried to drag away Le Ye Qing.

   With such a man, Gu Dandan is also helpless. When she was in Tianyu, she was still the daughter of the great general and countless young heroes wanted to court her.

   But none had a status as great as Le Ye Qing? Gu Dandan confessed her undying life  and love to him. But now is stuck helping him pick up girls?


   Le Ye Qing does not go!

   So beautiful, he can't move his legs at all.

   If he doesn't get the beauty, he doesn't want to do anything.

   Sure enough, his younger sister was loyal enough to help him find the beautiful woman who was all he could think and dream of.

   This beautiful woman is different from those who used to be in his bed. She is not only beautiful, but more importantly, the kind of pride that comes out of her bones was really attractive. Le Ye Qing can’t help but want to press her under his body immediately and make her beg for mercy. Ruining her pride and smashing all her arrogance.

   This kind of feeling, saying that those ordinary folks do not understand, is a understatement. Only a master at his level can understand the taste.

   For Le Ye qing, this beauty is like a precious herb.

   It's like alchemy!

   He tamed different beauty into different medicinal solutions, and he felt the most fulfilled.

   This beast beauty is a rare wood and fire double attribute master, and has a talent in alchemy, and she is also so so beautiful.

   although his personality is a bit embarrassing.  In Shendan Valley, in private, who knows how many sisters have been harmed.

   Because of his talent, the protectors of the valley, turn a blind eye, and he is able to humiliate and take any woman he wanted.

   After all, he is the heir to the owner of the valley. No one is perfect, this is a small problem, not a big deal!

   A few days ago, this man was fascinated by the younger sister of the Shendan Valley, Princess Nangong Yulian. Because he couldn't get his hands on her, he was particularly upset, and that kind of taste made him not want to think about it.

   Therefore, he never wanted to experience it again.

   in the same year he wanted to hook up with Gu Dandan. He didn’t get it in Shendan Valley. So he followed her home and helped her out. The beauty immediately fell into his arms and listened to every word he said.

   Le Ye Qing is a master and has his own means to get what he wants.

   As for the two around him, they willingly followed him after their first time and honestly, he does not mind the company. It really made the lonely journey hunting for more beauties to tame far more interesting and warm.

Not far in the distance, he could see another young beauty typing away on her laptop. His heart trembled and speeded up. For she was writing about him and the dangers of his actions.

"Wah ha ha, Le ye Qing, you are so in trouble now. You should never have provoked Feng Xingying." the young beuaty cried out crazily. Her dark hair wild in the wind and a dark grin on her face. Ψ(☆w☆)Ψ

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