Friday, August 10, 2018

Wife’s Color is Addicting 7.5

Hello. Thanks for visiting. I have my exam next week so bear with me for my Tuesday update will most likely be late but bear with me. I also realize this update is really short (╭ರ_⊙). Just curious but did anyone guess this scenario??

 Now she only has this method. This face and the clothes of this body, as long as she enters, will inevitably let them terminate the topic, only the bar lady who pretends to hold the night can succeed.

   I put on the clothes stolen from the hall, the golden tight skirt wrapped in the exquisite figure, without any rouge gouache, the natural carving, the clear water out of the hibiscus, the face under the mask, is a combination of feminine and pure Body, a smile, the beauty of the thrilling.

   The corner of the mouth evokes a perfect arc, almost in an instant, and the eyes are dyed with a different brilliance, self-confidence and enchanting, nature.

   I never thought that I would meet Jiang Yan in the bar, but since I met, she would have to look into it. What is Jiang Yan’s connection with her death in her life!

   ... In the dim box, there is a little fascinating light on the screen. It is the last singer of the generation of the entertainment queen, Shen Fu, "Failed."

   No one picked up the microphone, and the two men and one woman in the box looked at the suffocating sinking of the beauty queen on the screen.

   "Jiang Yan, don't be sad, the slightest spirit in the sky must not want you to be like this. If you look at it for a few more days, you will lose yourself."

   The woman who is talking is also very beautiful. At about the age of twenty, she looks like a goddess with a youthful vitality.

   "I am sorry for her! I should not let her go to the concert! If I was always with her, she will not have had an accident!"

   while talking and gulping down huge slurps of wine, Jiang Yan The corner of the eye seems to be a bit moist, head lowered, and a sorrowful look, so that a man and a woman on the side to feel sorry for him. However, their eyes kept twitching, and if Shen Wei was still here, then she will definitely recognize them. It is Shen Wei’s good friend Yan Liuyin and her husband Shen Shuzhen.

Liar (ꐦ°д°)- snowbell's comment

   Only no one noticed that the shadow of Jiang Yan’s eyes suddenly flashed.

   "It's none of your business! You think I can't think for myself. You shouldn't care so much, you..."

   "Ah! Sorry! Sorry, I didn't mean it!"

   Shen Shuzhen, who was on the side, frowned and said nothing yet. At the end of the story, the door of the box was smashed open, and a girl fell to the ground with her hair, and her body was still shaking, a look of pitiful appearance.

   The conversation was interrupted in the box.

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