Friday, August 10, 2018

Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 13.5

Chapter 13.5

Hello, everyone. Here is the answer to the cliffhanger. I hope it wasn't too hard waiting. ψ(`∇´)ψ

 When Feng Xingying was preparing to open the furnace, the palace girl Bi Rui’s sudden voice caused her to stop...

 "Wait a moment, wash the marrow dan, you can refine it in half day? You are taking us as fools? You do not know there was once a man with a hidden head and a tail, when he was out of the dan/pill, he replaced it with a long prepared marrow dan/pill. How do we know this dan/pill is true and not some false pill/dan?

 Feng Xingying after hearing her comment, ignored the palace girl and continued to open her furnace.

Bi Rui shot a look at the expert behind ninth princess signalling to her that it was her turn. The middle-aged woman nodded back and immediately shot a fierce, and mighty invisible arrow of spirit power, straight towards Feng Xingying.

   "Let the girl laugh," said Mei Mei. When suddenly her face went stiff. She really didn't expect that anyone would dare to make a move in front of such a crowd to their VIPs.

She immediately raised her hand into the wind and used a passing flower as a translucent white shield, to block the arrow right in front of Feng Xingying.

This battle has just begun and it was already over.

  Because Mei Mei’s strength was obviously stronger than that of the middle-aged woman.

 It’s just that Mei’s older sister cares about the royal family, so she didn’t have to chase her out. So she could only coldly threaten the other to stop acting out.

“Who dares to scatter in the treasure chest?”

(Ruin treasure) - snowbell

   Feng Xingying still does not change her colour and continues to go out, the movement is smooth, it seems that the scene just did not enter her eyes.

(Feng Xingying’s face did not change colour, refers to her face not turning white from fear) - snowbell

This type of strength was admired.

After all, the guards brought by the ninth princess are not ordinary hands. How can they have the strength of the great masters?

However, if there is no Mei Mei’s help, Feng Xingying would have been killed on the spot.

   But in the face of danger, she was still able to face her heart and not jump and continued to play with her Dan furnace.

This shows that she is either very determined to finish her pill or her strength has surpassed that of the Great Master.

   Most people think it is the latter.

   Feng Xingying's lips twitched slightly and whispered. "I didn't expect Jubao Pavilion, was only this much."

   Her voice was very light, only Mei Sister behind her could hear.

   Mei Jie is also very depressed, how do I feel that I have become the singer girl's follow-up?
Image result for back up dancer

(Singer girl follow up is referring to the idea that everything she did enhanced the image of the “singer girl” aka Feng Xingying. She didn’t get any credit for being amazing (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) ) - snowbell


  1. The princess and her maid are b*tches. Just because there is someone more talented they want to kill her? How many talents are already in their grave because of them?
    Thank you!

  2. I knew the princess was a B*itch along with her maid.

  3. Thanks. Hope she embarrasses them for being creeps