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Cold King, the Doctor Fei Is Running Away Chapter 44

Hello, my silent readers. Happy Thursday and I have no idea why the writer wanted to introduce another world. I guess she plans to have Feng Xingying go on advantures in the future?

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Chapter 44

Waiting until everyone has gathered in front of her, Feng Xingying only then spoke.

   "Washing the marrow pill, exchange only."

   "What does the girl want to exchange it for?" Someone immediately responded.

   "One person, my sister, her name is Yunxiang." Feng Xingying knows that Feng Yuelu is prepared, how can she not try to act out on Feng Xingying?

   "Is their a portrait?"

   " Yes ." Feng Xingying took out the already prepared portrait. The figure she drew was to express the appearance and charm of Yunxiang.

   Looking at the painting, it felt like it was yelling out Yunxiang. Feng Xingying’s heart ached.

   Although Yunxiang was an orphan who she picked up off the street when she was a child, she had always been very loyal. She has suffered a lot with the original owner who has no ability and was often bullied by other slaves.

   However, she never blamed Feng Xingying. After the disappearance of Feng Xingying, in the Feng family, only Yunxiang was worried about her.

   At the moment of being held by Yunxiang, the cold heart of Feng Xing has already recognized her, as her loved ones, not her servant.

   Don't say one wash of the marrow pill. Even if it takes all her remedies out for the life of Yunxiang, and Feng Xingying is also willing.

A washable marrow, however, is enough for a small adventure group to sell their life to her...

   Who knows, after the portrait of Yunxiang was unfolded, these adventurers seemed to see ghosts, and they actually turned away.

   In front of Feng Xingying, there is only a wooden sign that is cold and clear. Her crowd instantly disappeared?

   The eyes of Feng Xingying smashed.

   It seems that this time, she underestimated the means of Feng Yuelu.

   What kind of big backing can she find?

   That forces adventurers to all fear him or her. At least the Dagong State Prince Nangong Chu can't do it.

   Feng Xingying is not impatient, just waited quietly.

   Since Feng Yuelu as sent an invitation letter, she will invincible appear.


   The person who came here finally came.

   He was sitting in a wheelchair in his red dress, with long hair and beautiful facial features. The slightly raised lips had a few enchanting enchantments, and his face was even more beautiful than Feng Xingying’s.

   The only thing that doesn't match his temperament is the snowy white cat in his arms.

   The cat has already reached a certain level, and the figure is bigger than the average little leopard. The whole body is pure white, and it is attracted to the red man’s legs. It is really like a big pillow.

   Behind him, the person who pushed the wheelchair had a beautiful face.

   Feng Yuelu did not wear a veil, and her face, which was forcibly destroyed by the star shadow, has completely recovered.

   She did not have the same skills as Feng Xingying, the only explanation is - Jade flower pill!
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Like I mentioned many chappies back only the rare jade flower can heal the scars according to the common knowledge of the kingdom. This doesn't include Feng Xingying's knowledge of medicine. Oh and apparently you can find these flowers in the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens located in London, United Kingdom. - Snowbell

   The man looked up and down Feng Xingying, his eyes full of killing.

   Feng Xingying also looked at him, but he was remembering in his mind. Why was this person so familiar?

   "Is Lu's face destroyed by you?" His voice was very gentle, clearly blaming, but like a gentle gust of wind.

   "What was that?" Feng Xing Ying raised her eyebrows.

   "You know, she is one of my acquaintances. How dare you make a move against her, how do you want to die?"

   Feng Xingying did not answer, just staring at him quietly.

   He is strong and the prestige among the adventurers is obvious.

   "Big brother, you have to bring justice for me, Feng Xingying is very beautiful, always bullying me at home, you see, she used a whip on my face! That was where I got the scar.

   If I had not met Brother, I would be killed by her. Yet no one would know."

   Feng Yuelu's eyes are full of fog, picking up a pair of sleeves, revealing half of the arm, showing an exaggerated expression of being harmed.

   Feng Xingying shook her head helplessly, and her acting skills were too bad.

   After so many days have passed, the whip is nothing but a flesh wound, leaving no scars? Is she serious?

   Even if she is loaded, can't she be more dedicated and try to make it look more real, honestly how hard is it to make more realistic whip wounds?

   Actually, using syrup to make whip marks... can you really not see through it in a glance? Even a child is not that dumb to mistaken those as wounds...

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I really didn't see this one coming. I guess she really doesn't care. Till tomorrow...- Snowbell